Glam Morena: ColourPop Makeup Ur Mind Shadow Palette

Monday, July 2, 2018

ColourPop Makeup Ur Mind Shadow Palette

I was able to get ColourPop's newest eyeshadow palette in a recent order from a free promotion they were offering: Makeup Ur Mind Shadow Palette. This palette was created by costumers that voted for these particular shades. It features six limited edition metallic eyeshadows. The palette is now officially available on their website for ordering!

Description: Look familiar? This is the palette that YOU voted on! Boss Lady is notorious for always changing her mind on shades, concepts, launch dates, you name it!! And she turned to YOU to create a palette that you wanted. Rich jewel tones and unique metallic shades, they’re the shades that you love! Thanks for helping Boss Lady "make up her mind"!

Retail Price: $12.00 - Purchase here!

Shopping Tip: You can get $5 off your first ColourPop order by clicking here!

Shade Names and Descriptions:
Over It: metallic berry purple with multidimensional blue glitter
Toasted: metallic silver
Inside Out: metallic eggplant with an icy blue flip
Lock & Key: metallic deep teal
4ever Young: metallic canary yellow
BRB: metallic salmon pink with a gold flip

Here is a close up of those gorgeous jewel tones shades of Makeup Ur Mind.

Swatches of the ColourPop Makeup Ur Mind Shadow Palette. Definitely brown girl friendly!

I am happy that I got Makeup Ur Mind for free because I probably would not purchase this alone. I like the concept of the palette, but it's definitely not a palette you pull out to create a single look with. My ideal palette always has at least 1 to 2 transition or crease shades in it. The colors swatched nicely and would look even better with a glitter glue primer applied. Do you need it? No! Is it nice to add to your collection? Yes, only if you tend to wear these eyeshadow shades.

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