Glam Morena: Fashion Inspiration from European Casinos.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fashion Inspiration from European Casinos.

Fashion in American casinos disappeared when patrons started walking in clad in t-shirts and shorts. Perhaps it was a strategic move from casino providers to uphold the “no shirt, no shoes, no slots” rule since they began operating on a 24-hour basis to intrigue even the most random people passing by their establishments. But the beauty of casinos of the past was the exclusivity it exuded from its dress code, that once you dressed the part you were immediately perceived as a member of the elite.

Although when the evening rolls in, gamblers do start to look a little sharper with men donning classy shirts and women in cocktail dresses, making you look a little less out of place when you’re planning your outfit for a night of gambling and live entertainment. But instead of dressing up like you would for a trip to a nightclub, as what the majority of people do when going out for a casino night, there is a lesson or two that we can learn from our classier, more upscale European counterparts.

Casino de Monte-Carlo prohibit sports shoes and require a jacket after 8pm, but the patrons don’t seem to have trouble abiding by those guidelines as they’re all decked out in evening wear. For European casinos, it’s basically an unspoken rule that you must dress to impress.

In Germany, Casino Baden Baden expect their customers to wear a jacket and shirt, and a tie is requested, all of which is only fair since it’s considered to be the most beautiful casino in the world. While the men you’re with for this occasion might feel hesitant about the tie, InterCasino states that the key to winning is having self-confidence, and dressing the part will help build that winning attitude you need for the gaming floor. And if the men have to upgrade their attire, so do you. Be bold and have the ladies wear long gowns to pair well with the guys’ suit-and-tie getup.

If you’d rather keep your long gown for another occasion, pair a cocktail dress with the right accessories. says that statement jewelry, a gorgeous pair of shoes and a matching handbag can make you look just as elegant.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Jennifer Clayton.
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