Glam Morena: Collective MAC Cosmetics Haul.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Collective MAC Cosmetics Haul.

MAC recently released a few collections around the holiday time. I purchased a few items from each collection and I also picked up some items from the permanent line. Most of the products I will be sharing in this haul are sold out only. I recommend checking your local MAC counters or stores to see what's still in stock.

Be sure to watch the video for quick swatches of my MAC Haul!

MAC Tinted Lipglass - Ravishing
MAC Tinted Lipglass - Razzledazzler
MAC Eyeshadow - Handwritten
MAC Eyeshadow - Orange
MAC Eyeshadow - Expensive Pink

MAC Taste Temptation Haul:
MAC Mattene Lipstick - Seductive Intent

MAC Strength Collection Haul:
MAC Lipstick - Absolute Power
MAC Lipstick - Strong Woman

MAC Apres Chic Collection Haul:
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Porcelain Pink
MAC Mineralize Blush - Alpine Bronze
MAC Lipstick - Hot Chocolate
MAC Lipstick - Cozy Up

Swatches of everything will be posted over the next few days!

Did you purchase anything from the recent MAC Collections? Thoughts? Favorites?


Shadowy Lady said...

you got some nice stuff Rai. I wanted to pick a few lipsticks but ended up skipping them (saving to get most of Nars spring)

Looking forward to seeing some FOTD's :)

Niki said...

THAT RED!!! WOW!!! I want it lol

Catalina said...

loving everything!! Great haul!!

Seana said...

Seductive intent looks really pretty! I'm so bummed that I couldn't get my hands on any lippies from the strength collection :(

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