Glam Morena: Top 5 Winter Boots To Keep Out the Chill.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Top 5 Winter Boots To Keep Out the Chill.

Winter is well and truly here and with a change of weather, a change of wardrobe is most definitely required. One aspect of your outfit that you can't afford to neglect is your shoes. While those low key lace-ups and leather ankle boots may have been perfect for fall, they certainly won't cut it when the temperature takes a plunge. For me, there's only one style of footwear for combatting the cold - Snow Boots!

Originally created for the needs of skiers and hikers, Snow Boots are waterproof, and feature an extended leg reach which ensures your feet will stay warm and dry no matter what. Designers have fused this ruggedness with style, creating boots that will keep your feet from freezing while ensuring you still look great when out and about.

I've chosen 5 differing designs which I hope will include a pair to match your personality:

Anna Field Winter Boots
This stylish pair from Anna Field represents the smarter side of the Snow Boot spectrum. While they're sturdy enough to fend off the worst of the weather, they're still formal and stylish enough to wear to work. The side zip also means they're simple to slip off when you get back home.

Even&Odd Shiny
If you want to warm your feet without sacrificing sparkle, then these shiny shoes by Even&Odd could be the ones for you. Despite not reaching as high up the leg as the other boots featured here, their sequin detailing could make these the perfect choice for festive partying!

Kamik Scarlet 2
If you fancy something a bit more out there then why not consider this punky pair from Karmik? With its bold, contrasting colors and chunky lace details, it's unlikely to go unnoticed wherever you go. I'm particularly drawn to the wolf-like fur lining on the top of the boot. If the white is a little too bold for your taste, this boot is also available in a festive red and more subdued black.

Moon Boot
Embrace retro 80's style with these old-school Moonboots. These boots are so iconic they've been selected by the Louvre Museum in Paris to be part of their 100 most significant symbols of the 20th century! Available in a wide range of colors, these classics deserve a place in winter wardrobes everywhere.

Pajar Alina
Crafted by Canadian brand Pajar, these mid-length boots are truly designed to take anything you can throw at them! With a 100% wool lining, these boots are sure to keep you toasty and snug whilst also maintaining a rugged chic look.

This article was provided by Jonny on behalf of Zalando, a leading UK fashion retailer with a wide range of fashionable clothing. Zalando sell everything from warm winter coats to cozy footwear, like these winter boots.
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