Glam Morena: Haul: CVS Beauty Clearance Sale.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Haul: CVS Beauty Clearance Sale.

CVS currently has a Beauty Clearance Sale. During this sale items are marked down 50% to 75% off the original retail price. This is the perfect time to check our new products or stock up on favorites. Be aware that these products are indeed being discontinued. G of Nouveau Cheap has created a CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Master List that you can click here to view.

I went to three CVS stores and only purchased a few items from two. Most of the items I purchased were made during my third CVS store visit. This particular CVS had the better deals and products I actually wanted to purchase from the sale. SCORE!

My CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Haul!

Be sure to watch the video for close ups of each individual shade!

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter - Pink Truffle
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter - Raspberry Pie
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter - Peach Parfait

The Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters are $1.95 each.

Milani EasyLiner Retractable Lip Liner - Cocomo
Milani EasyLiner Retractable Lip Liner - Sugar Plum
Milani EasyLiner Retractable Lip Liner - Most Natural
Milani EasyLiner Retractable Lip Liner - Rose Pink

The Milani EasyLiner Retractable Lip Liners are $1.49 each!

Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel - Blue Slate
Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel - Spanish Moss

The Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamels are $1.95 each!

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick - Rosy Nude
Revlon ColorStay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Crush

The Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks are $2.45 each.
The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are $2.25 each.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Sunstones - Medium to Dark

The Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow Boosting Sunstones are $3.95 each.

I spent $18.64 on the majority of these items and saved $91.98!

In total I spent about $24 and saved over $100+ on all these items.

1. Get a CVS ExtraCare Card. This is need to purchase from discounts, sales, bogos.
2. Be sure to scan your ExtraCard Card as soon as you arrive in the store.
3. Print or make sure to send any coupons or deals to your card.
4. Every $50 spent towards the Beauty Club (cosmetics) earns you $5 in ExtraBucks.

I was able to use a 25% off coupon and $5 Beauty Club ExtraBucks on my last visit.

Have you checked out the CVS Beauty Clearance Sale Yet? If so what did you get?


Emi at Project Swatch said...

awesome haul! The lip butters aren't on clearance at my cvs, hopefully the will go on clearance soon.

Aprill said...

Very nice haul! I have yet to go to CVS, but this inspires me!

Aprill said...

Nice haul! I have yet to go to CVS but this inspires me! ^_^

Rhania E. said...

wow.. if only i could haul there =) imagine revlon lippies for $1.98 sigh.. they cost $12 here in the philippines =( sad

Icequeen81 said...

It looks like a great sale, I think if I had those stores where I live I would only pick the Milani, and Physians formula products do to that are the shades I need and kind of products. And also Im not fan of Revlon or shine on balms or lipsticks

TamaraB♡ said...

You got some amazing stuff! I actually only picked up two items which were Revlon's colorstay concealer and Milani nail art polish in white. There was not much selection at my store...meRRPP!!! I will be hunting down my next CVS tomorrow because of all the good stuff you got. Tell me what you think of those Physicians formula stones when you get the chance to try them out. :)

Jacdami Minaya said...

omg!!! You saved a lot of money!! I wish I could buy some of these deals, but I don't live in usa :/

This is a great haul, it's unbelievable that those lip butters were $1.95 each :O

Seana said...

I seriously need to get my butt to CVS lol, definitely could use some more Revlon lip butters! x

Nivedita said...

OMG!!! I want everything you got!!

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