Glam Morena: Swatches: Cargo Blushes.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Swatches: Cargo Blushes.

As soon as I read Cargo Cosmetics was marked down 50% off in Sephora in JCPenney I knew I had to rush over there! It's definitely a brand I don't see mentioned or raved about much on blogs though. I already own a few blushes from Cargo and I love them.

There are a total of 15 shades available. The finishes range from matte to shimmery. The packaging is pretty simple. The blushes are in metal tins and you just twist the top off. Each blush has 8.9 grams worth of product.

Description: A favourite with make-up artists, our blendable and easy-to-wear blush offers a stunning array of shades, ranging from delicate neutrals to vibrant corals and pinks. CARGO blush is created with a moist and sheer powder formulation that glides easily over the skin for a beautiful, natural flush. The silky smooth texture layers well for added intensity as desired. The pro-formulation also offers long-wearing and stay-true colour. Generously packaged in our oversized signature tin allowing for easy access with professional brushes.

Retail Price: $29.00

Cargo Cosmetics Blush - Key Largo

Description: tropical punch (matte)

Cargo Cosmetics Blush - Laguna

Description: tropical melon (matte)

Cargo Cosmetics Blush - Mendocino

Description: wildflower pink with a gold sheen (shimmery)

Swatches of the Cargo Blushes in Key Largo, Laguna, and Mendocino.

Have you tried Cargo Blushes? Favorites? Thoughts?


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Beautiful colors. Love the packaging too.

MissAshDG said...

:O omg I need both matte blushes. Darn u Rai!!!

Shaimaa said...

Gorgeous colors !
I am definitely gonna search for them , great to add on my makeup collection . specially tropical punch (matte)

Anna Luciano of Sicilianna Beauty said...

I have one Cargo blush and absolutely love it!

I really want Laguna

Jessica said...

gee golly wowzers those are flippen amazing!!! the key largo and melon are gorgeous!!! i need to see them on ur face! well ur cheeks they look so pigmented. i think i need at least one!!

ebonymonique said...

those colors are you know how long the sale will be?

Jasmin said...

So true! I rarely see Cargo products talked about. I bought a mascara from Cargo a few months ago, and I liked it. Thanks for the post. The blushes are pretty!

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