Glam Morena: Beauty: No Pain, No Gain?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty: No Pain, No Gain?

When I was younger I was always be amazed at how great my mom looked all dressed up. I would just stare at her as she got herself made up. With her eyeshadow on, her dark red lipstick, and her red nail polish to match. I always wanted her to paint my nails too. Playing dress up was fun back then! One thing I did realize as I got older is that women go through a lot to pamper or groom themselves.

I think we could all agree that getting your first manicure is big day for most girls or women. I remember the first time I ever went to get my nails professionally done. I was fourteen years old and it was my first high school homecoming. Since I was new to getting manicures I decided to go with something simple: the French tip manicure. After that first time I returned to get my routine manicures the rest of that school year.

It's important to always find a nail salon that you're comfortable with. Since I was pretty new to getting manicures I wasn't sure where to go. One of my best friend's family owned their own nail salon. That is where I often went to get my nails done. These days you can now read reviews about or even research salons before you actually go. For example: If you're in England and you would like more information on where to go get a manicure in London you're able to research the best places to go.

I would often hear my mom and my older sister talk about getting their eyebrows waxed. Back then I did not care what my eyebrows looked like. I was not concerned if they were not neat or tidy looking. As I got older I noticed that this is just another part of grooming yourself. For many women it is also a huge part of pampering.

Of course wanting to mimic my mom and older sister I decided to ask my mom to wax my eyebrows too. My first eyebrow waxing was not a pleasant experience at all. Like they say: no pain, no gain! The end result was amazing though. They were more defined and neater. Eyebrows can really make or break your entire look. I would recommend going to a professional for eyebrow waxing. If you're unsure of where to go don't forget you can always look up reviews, especially for all my readers in England that are looking for places to go to for waxing in London.

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