Glam Morena: Tag: $20 Makeup Challenge.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tag: $20 Makeup Challenge.

If you've been browsing Youtube videos lately you probably have noticed a $20 Makeup Challenge Tag going around. I was tagged by DivaMakeupQueen and NikkiTheBrat. I thought it would be fun to see if I could actually create a look for $20 or less.

Jordana Powder Blush - Sienna $2.49
Jordana Powder Blush - Blushing Rose $2.49
e.l.f. Studio Mineral Powder Brush - $3.00

Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow - $0.99
Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow - $0.99
Ruby Kisses 24 Hr Eye Define Eyeliner - $1.99
Cherry Blossom False Lashes - #747M $1.49
Miss Adoro Lash Adhesive - $1.99
Wet n Wild Mega Protein Washable Nourishing Mascara - $1.99

L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color - True Love $1.99

Total Used: $19.41


Unknown said...

Very pretty, and you came so close to the $20 lol

Arezu said...

I like that you included tools in this tag, and everything looks really well put together still.

Unknown said...

So pretty!!!

Jessica said...

omg u look amazing u did a great job!!!

theamazingworldofj said...

This is a great tag, nothing like some other crap going around. So many women which can't afford expensive MakeUp will be so thankful for this :)Love it

Havolin said...

I like this, you did a great job

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