Glam Morena: Haul: La Femme Blushes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Haul: La Femme Blushes.

Makeup Mania recently had a sale for the 4th of July and I decided to place another order for some La Femme Blush On Rouge. I wanted to finish filling up my palette. Be sure to click here to see my previous La Femme Blush haul.

La Femme blushes are available in pan form and those retail for $2.50. They are also available in pot form and those retail for $3.00. Be Aware: The prices are expected to go up by $0.25 and $0.50 on July 18th.

Be sure to watch the video for a close up of each individual product!

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Crystal Cafe

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Golden Rose

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Stormy Rose

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Mauve

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Orange

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Plum Frost

La Femme Blush On Rouge - Precious Plum

Swatches of all the La Femme Blushes in the same order as above!

My completed La Femme Blush On Rouge Palette.

Have you tried La Femme blushes? Favorites? Thoughts?


Unknown said...

I love blushes and these swatches don't disappoint... thanks for sharing.

SiSi Sparkles said...

wow, they look gorgeous! I haven't heard of this brand yet

MissAshDG said...

haha you got all the ones I don't have!

Unknown said...

Those blushes are gorgeous!!! The pigmentation of them are so amazing!

Jamie said...

La Femme blushes are my favorite! I recently placed an order for the remaining colors I wanted before the price increase. These are holy grail for me. Great pigmentation, great price, great lasting power, great for storage purposes. What's not to love! I have more expensive, high end blushes, and I only reach for my two la femme palettes so that says a lot! It's safe to say I won't be buying anymore blushes of any kind.

Thriftyjewels said...

I ordered the same time and Stormy rose was out of stock according to the message below the page. That is the one blush I'm waiting for to come back in stock.

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