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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beauty Topics: Hair Loss.

Every time you experience shedding from your hair you're experiencing hair loss. Hair loss is not a topic a lot of people like to talk about or acknowledge. It's fairly common to experience shedding because we all experience it one way or another. Yes, even men experience hair shedding. It's also important to pay attention to how much hair you lose during shedding.

Some of the causes of hair loss are poor nutrition, an underlying condition, hair treatments, medications you're taking, stress, and genetics. There are many ways you can avoid hair loss in women. Try to avoid using chemical treatments to your hair, overusing heat, keep your stress under control, change your diet by eating a more healthier and balanced meal, take some vitamins or supplements, and make sure to regularly wash and condition your hair.

If you ever feel like you're experiencing a lot of shedding or you begin to notice you are losing hair in patches then it's best to contact a doctor. While there may not be a cure for permanent hair loss a doctor can help you find ways to slow down or even hide your hair loss.

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