Glam Morena: Is Wet-shaving Really An Alternative To Laser Hair Removal?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Wet-shaving Really An Alternative To Laser Hair Removal?

This is a guest post typed on behalf of Isabella of Cosmetic Surgery Guru.

For many men sharing their home with a wife or girlfriend, getting in the bathroom in the morning can be quite a battle. Most blokes will have wondered exactly what’s going on in there, as their significant other prepares themselves for the day. Hair and make-up are usually top of the list, along with various dental treatments and the application of plumes of perfume. And, it’s being claimed, a classic facial wet shave.

If this sounds like an unlikely sight, think again. According to a report in the Daily Mail Newspaper, many of Hollywood’s hottest women are ditching laser hair removal surgery and adopting a more DIY approach with shaving foam and their boyfriends’ razors. Of course, using such implements is common a little further down the body on the legs and underarms, but the face? We’re yet to be convinced. However, Hollywood facialist Kate Somerville, who apparently works with some of Tinseltown’s biggest names, insists that many famous faces are ditching cosmetic surgery and turning to wet shaving. She even reckons that it’s nothing new and that silver screen legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were partial to the odd wet shave.

“Shaving rids the face of that fine fuzz that laser hair removal can’t pick up,” Ms Somerville said. Asked whether such shaving can leave behind stubble, she continues. “It doesn’t grow back thicker or darker. That’s an old wives’ tale. Hair growth changes because of hormonal fluctuations.”

So, will millions of women now be flocking to borrow their boyfriends’ razors and emerging from the bathroom with tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck around their face? We reckon it’s unlikely. While this type of shaving could be a useful tactic for ridding yourself of one or two pesky hairs, attacking a large patch of hair on a sensitive part of the face just sounds plain risky.

One of laser hair removal surgery’s main appeals is that non-surgical, meaning that it takes away the discomfort from removing unwanted hair. The best clinics will use advanced FDA-approved lasers to safely and gently remove unwanted hair from most areas, including the face, legs, back, under-arms and bikini line. The laser emits pulses of light which destroys the base of the hair follicle and source of new hair growth. After the treatment, the hairs simply fall out – what could be simpler?

Have a go with your beau’s bladed implement if you want, but we reckon we’ll be sticking with the technology, thanks…
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