Glam Morena: Inglot Cosmetics Haul.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics Haul.

I finally ordered from Inglot Cosmetics. If you haven't heard much about the brand it's a brand from Poland. They have a huge, huge, huge assortment of products available. Best of all they finally created an online website for the U.S. to shop at. This is great for those who don't have an Inglot store nearby.

They also have what they call a freedom system. Think of MAC pro palettes because it's pretty much the same concept. Unlike MAC in the Inglot palettes you can fill them with a lot more than just blush or eyeshadows. You can create palettes for foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and a lot more.

This is my entire Inglot Cosmetics haul! I only purchased two things.

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint - 89
Price: $10.00

Inglot Freedom System Palette 10 Eye Shadow Square
Price: $20.00

Inglot Eyeshadow: 50 AMC, 51 AMC, 474 DS, 384 MATTE, 70 AMC
379 MATTE, 366 MATTE, 402 PEARL, 363 MATTE, 458 DS
Price: Varies by quantity, but for me $4.50 each

I will have swatches and a review of my Inglot purchases in another post!

Have you tried out Inlgot Cosmetics yet? Any Favorites?


Courtney!;* said...

oooo. i cant wait to order mines! the yellow looks super bright! i`ll defff be waiting for swatches...!

Anonymous said...

Nice haul! :D

Catalina said...

Great Haul!! You picked some great colors! Inglot is so great and at least the lip gloss didnt smell bad!! lol

Leigh said...

I have a few Inglot purchases and I now find myself using their shadows daily. I can't wait to grab another palette!

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Great haul! I love their brushes.

downtownchicagobarbie said...

I think i will be ordering from them very soon....Love the bright colors.

Red lips, Black hair said...

AWESOME palette! Hot daym! I still need to jump on the INGLOT bandwagon!

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