Glam Morena: Blush Crush: Cargo BeachBlush - Echo Beach.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Blush Crush: Cargo BeachBlush - Echo Beach.

I'm starting a new blog and Youtube series called Blush Crush. I'm sure many of you already know that I LOVE blush and I own quite a few. Seeing my full blush collection is probably one the most asked question I received from all of you. My full blush collection video is coming soon!

The Blush Crush series will feature a new blush from my collection every week. This will give you a closeup look at each individual blush rather than an entire collection at one time. Some posts will included swatches on my hand or on my actual cheeks. I'll aim to provide both after this post. It will definitely depend on if I'm actually able to capture it in a photo correctly.

Cargo BeachBlush - Echo Beach
Description: Imagine the perfect marriage of blush and bronzer! Four harmonious shades work together to provide perfectly flushed cheeks with a sun-drenched glow. Golden Goddess effects in a flash! Our BeachBlush™ has earned its status as one of CARGO’s most iconic products and even appeared as a question on Jeopardy! Packaged in our signature tin with generous surface area for easy swirling.

Retail Price: $28.00

Purchased From: Apothica

Echo Beach - a warm berry bronze colour medley

Do you own any Cargo blushes? Any favorites?


Anonymous said...

This will be a great series! Whenever I swatch a Cargo blush I want to purchase it, but that never happens. lol

jyvette said...

Songbirddiva4life has the exact same series on youtube and her should chjeck her out, she also has a great love for blushes.

JC! :) said...

OMG! That is absolutely gorgeous. I need to have it. The middle two colors remind me of MAC's Marine Life, but all of them are stunning. I'm going to look for this today when I go to Sephora!


Star J said...

i love CARGO Beach Blushes!!! I've got 3 or 4 of them...they're the perfect balance between blush and bronzer.

Saimese said...

I was gonna pass this one up but the swatches are tempting me! haha

Jess said...

I've never tried Cargo products, but those tones are really pretty

Nymphette said...

YAY!! Looking forward to the new series!

inHERshoes said...

i love the color of that blush! a friend of mine recently sent me pop beauty makeup, and it's similar to this one, the container/packaging as well.

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