Glam Morena: Wet n Wild Vanite Collection.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wet n Wild Vanite Collection.

Yesterday I showed you the Wet n Wild Bloom Collection, but today I'm showing you the second Wet n Wild Spring 2011 collection. It's the Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartet. This collection features a quad that includes two eyeshadows and two lipglosses.

Description: Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m the fairest maiden of them all! Revel in beauty with these lavish compacts of 2 decadent eyeshadows and 2 extravagant lip glosses. This chic, stylish compact creates a variety of unique looks with perfectly color-coordinated lip and eye combinations.

Retail Price: $3.99

33569 Renaissance Faire
Eyeshadows: Purple & Green, Lip Glosses: Hot Pink & White Shimmer

33570 Queen Victoria
Eyeshadows: Royal Purple & Pink, Lip Glosses: Fuchsia & Maroon

33571 I Reign Supreme
Eyeshadows: Black Shimmer & Silver Shimmer, Lip Glosses: Pale Pink Shimmer & Rose

33572 I’m Ba-roque
Eyeshadows: Green with Gray Undertone & Peach, Lip Glosses: Peach Shimmer & Coral

Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartet - I Reign Supreme

Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartet - I’m Ba-roque

Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartet - Renaissance Faire

Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartet - Queen Victoria

Here are swatches of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanite Eye & Lip Quartets!

Have you purchased any? Any favorites?

Disclaimer: I'm a Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador therefore WnW Cosmetics were provided.


I BLEED PINK said...

Compared to all their other stuff, I am not very attracted to these. I think its the cheap looking compacts.

Jennifer said...

Not feeling the compacts either..
The colors r nice tho

HeKeLa said...

Hmmm interesting...Might have to see them on shelves...But u know me..I am a lover of WnW..Ill prob end up buyin a few... ;)

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the packaging the eye shadows do seem very pigmented. I like the idea, but I wouldn't purchase them.

Rai said...

Does the packaging look cheap because it's clear? It's actually a lot harder & sturdier than the other packaging. lol

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Yeah I think it's the look of the packaging that's not working. Not that nice. But the colors do look good. I will probably buy just because it's WnW and I do like their stuff.

lolita said...
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