Glam Morena: My Stash: NARS Powder Blush Part 2.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Stash: NARS Powder Blush Part 2.

This post will include swatches of my NARS powder blushes.

Description: Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look. Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone or layered together for more depth and intensity.

Retail Price: $27.00

Albatross - sheer light golden sheen
Deep Throat - peach with shimmer
Gina - tangerine

Luster - sheer golden apricot
Lovejoy - shimmering bronzed rose
Oasis - sparkling pink champagne

Sertao - glistening tawny gold
Taj Mahal - burnt orange with shimmer
Torrid - coral with shimmer

Now on to swatches of the NARS blushes!

Albatross, Deep Throat, Gina, Oasis, Lovejoy, Luster, Taj Mahal, Torrid, Sertao
Taken with flash in natural lighting.

Albatross, Deep Throat, Gina, Oasis, Lovejoy, Luster, Taj Mahal, Torrid, Sertao
Taken without flash in natural lighting.

My personal top favorites are Albatross, Luster, Taj Mahal, and Lovejoy.

Hopefully you found the NARS blush swatches helpful!


Candace said...

Hey thanks for posting this.. I'm strongly considering buying Taj Mahal and Gina.. I think they'll work best with my skin tone.

Anonymous said...

I envy your NARS blush collection! I'm waiting for Albatross and Amour to arrive, but I want Luster and Lovejoy now. lol :) Thanks for the swatches.

Jennifer said...

lovely swatches!

Jacquelyn said...

Awesome swatches! You are now making me want to purchase Deep Throat and Serato one of these days.

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Omg I envy you lol. I only have one in Orgasm ofcourse, but I really want want Taj Mahal. I don't own any orangey blush.

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Love the swatches :) didn't you like exhibit A enough to purchase it?

Rai said...

Sarah - I actually hardly wear red blushes. So I never bothered to swatch or buy it.

nicoletta said...

ooh these look gorgeous, i am a nars virgin except for the sheer glow foundation. Ive been lusting after a blusher for a while but its so hard to choose xx

Neeyuh said...

Thank you for the swatches! Some of these are now on my "to-buy" list :)

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Wow so many nars blushes! Oh so pretty! <3 I have the first three you pictured. :)

Janice said...

i'm so jealous of your collection !

Jessica said...

i have yet to own any :/

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