Glam Morena: Product Rave: Bdellium Tools.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Product Rave: Bdellium Tools.

Today I'll be raving about some makeup brushes from Bdellium Tools.

Introducing a complete line of professional makeup brushes with cutting edge anti-bacterial technology. Our anti-bacterial technology will bring you top notch hygiene in makeup tools. We create each brush using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair to achieve the perfect amount of form and stiffness compatible with the function each brush is designed for.

Most of the ferrules used in our brushes are anodized aluminum. The wooden handles are luxuriously lacquered with 7 layers of coating bringing you the ultimate in style and comfort.

I was sent four brushes. Three face brushes and one eye brush.

#957S - PRECISION CHEEK: Full synthetic fibers
This 2 toned synthetic hair brush has the versatility to apply powder blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer for a fully contoured finish. The wide, flat bristled head allows you to pick up product with ease & precision while evenly sweeping the product resulting in a professional blushing effect on the cheeks. Further adding to the versatility, this brush is excellent for buffing off any excess makeup.

Retail Price: $14.26

My Thoughts: I've never owned a brush like this before. I LOVE IT! The bristles are insanely soft, but dense. I can use it to apply my liquid foundation, blush, bronzer, and buffing! Best of all I experienced no shedding.

#955S - FINISHING: Optimized soft natural & synthetic mixed fibers
Specifically designed for lightweight application & blending of face powder, this tool will create the perfect finish. Comprised of high grade goat hair and white synthetic bristles the duality of this brush can be used to create soft layers and add texture to the face. While the natural bristles pick up and hold onto the product, they also release the product smoothly & evenly onto the skin. The synthetic bristles then gently buff & even out the product leaving a flawless finish. Having two levels of bristles provides the versatility of being able to layer product beautifully onto skin.

Retail Price: $11.76

My Thoughts: I'm a lover of duo fiber brushes. Unlike the other three brushes I own this one is a lot larger. I tend to use duo fiber brushes for applying my foundation and blush. I did experience shedding, but just a couple hairs.

#777S - SHADOW: All natural fibers
This brush was designed to service all your shadow needs. For application of eye shadow to the lid area. The smaller size creates a multi-purpose brush which can shade your creases, line around the edges, cover your lower lid or highlight your brow bone. Evenly distributed bristles formed into a rounded shape make sure application is even & smooth every time.

Retail Price: $8.01

My Thoughts: This brush is what I like to call a multi-tasker brush! I can use it to pat eyeshadow on my lid, apply color to my brow bone, create an outer v or outer c. Its shape looks flat at first glance, but it's a bit fuller in size. I experienced no shedding from this brush.

#948T - FOUNDATION: All synthetic fibers
This 3 toned tapered oval-shaped foundation brush is crafted specifically to apply foundation flawlessly to the face. Providing an even application and a perfect finish, use it with either liquid or cream foundation/concealer. The contours of your face will thank you for using this sleek brush resulting in the most natural look.

Retail Price: $10.76

My Thoughts: I normally used a duo fiber brush to apply my foundation. This is actually the travel sized, so it's a bit shorter in size. I love how dense the brush was because the bristles absorbed the foundation a lot faster. The oval-shaped made it easy to apply to hard areas, like around the nose. I experienced no shedding from this brush as well.

You can purchase brushes individually or in sets!

I'm so pleased with the brushes that I'm actually planning to purchase a set.
Eye Essential 12 Piece Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set
Retail Price: $45.12

Go here to purchase Bdellium Tools!

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Disclaimer: This post contains items sent to me by PR or a Company for review consideration.


MakeupJunkie88 said...

Those brushes look nice. I think i just might try them! Plus i like the yellow! =)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Very interesting. They look pretty sturdy and I love the yellow. The precision cheek brush looks like something I could use.

Jacquelyn said...

The brushes look interesting! They remind me of the Sigma brushes somehow.

Jess(shades of gorgeous) said...

I love the yellow handles too lol. But i want that small shadow brush,..very affordable

♥ Raeven said...

oooh nice, thanks for the review! that first brush does look really nice!

Miss Yaya said...

these look awesome. love the duo fiber ones. Love the yellow, just like everyone else lol

Anonymous said...

Excellent review. I might have to buy these. lol

Beauty♕Ambition★ said...

this brushes look great!

Beauty Tips said...

Those brushes are on my Christmas Wish List ! That is a great price for the amount of brushes you are getting. Great review!

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