Glam Morena: Important Secret Santa Updates.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Important Secret Santa Updates.

I recently posted up a link to sign up for a Secret Santa that Candie and I were hosting. Many of you have already signed up. We were opening this to those we know and are familiar with from Blogger, Youtube, and Twitter. There were some people who signed up but didn't exactly follow the rules listed on the sign up page. So unfortunately I can't accept your entry this year.

In order to participate you must be an active blogger or vlogger. If the last time you blogged for example was in August, that's not considered being currently active.

Also if you are not a public follower of my blog or Candie's blog you can't participate.

For those who did meet the requirements, then you should had received an invite from me to join and that's the site we're using to organize our Blogger/Vlogger Secret Santa. It's important that you create your account and set up your official wish list before October 23rd ends. Names will be drawn on that specific date. If you no longer have interest then feel free to ignore that email. If you need me to resend the email to you then please let me know.

For those who want to participate then please contact me for the sign up link.
My E-mail:

Thank you,
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