Glam Morena: Fall 2010 Trends + Fall Fashion Haul.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall 2010 Trends + Fall Fashion Haul.

It's finally Fall (well it has been since September 22nd)! I of course had to go out and purchase some items to add to my wardrobe for the Fall season. I purchased some items from Gojane, Walmart, Wet Seal, and Express. Everything I bought was on clearance or on sale, so I got some amazing deals! So I would definitely check those stores out if you have a chance.

Fall 2010 Trends:
- Lace
- (Faux) Fur
- Crop Tops
- Military
- Trench Coats
- Classic Camel
- Velvet & Velour
- Capes & Ponchos
- Animal Prints
- Sheer & Peek-A-Boo
- Big or Wide Pants

So what trends are you wearing this Fall?
Are there any that you're passing on?

I'm personally passing on capes, ponchos, wide pants, and fur.
Everything else I pretty much own and wear already!


Anonymous said...

Awesome haul!! you got a bunch of cute stuff.. I love the leopard print sweaters!!!..
I think I'll pass on everything you mentioned as well!

Anonymous said...

Great that you mention the fall trends, I have yet to go fall shopping. I'm loving lace, I bought a lace scarf recently! I usually just wear a bunch of sweater dresses, thick tights a coat and boots (high or low). Ouu & I'm also loving leopard prints - glad that came back! :)

Anonymous said...

im going to pass on fur, crop tops (simply dont have the body for that), velvet and velour, capes, and sheer.

Chels said...

I saw some of those oversized tops at Walmart, I wish I would've tried them on. I wasn't sure how they'd look so I passed :(

ndoodles said...

LACE! I'm definitely loving it.

Lua said...

Very cute stuff! I need to do a fashion haul...any tips? :)

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