Glam Morena: What's In My Purse/Bag?

Monday, August 2, 2010

What's In My Purse/Bag?

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. :)

It's time for a 2010 version of What's In My Purse/Bag?
A few of my subscribers and people on Twitter requsted that I do one.
I figured it was the perfect time since I recently purchased a new purse!

So... What's In my Purse/Bag?

As you can obviously see I love pink and Hello Kitty!

If you don't feel like doing a post or video just tell me below.


Eva said...

Ohh, I love your bag! I've been looking for a quilted bag like yours, where'd you get it? Ahaha. I was like "OMG, her bag!"


Miss Yaya said...

i love the bag too :)

Valerie said...

I have that purse! I love it, fits alot of stuff in it ;)

Anonymous said...

Thats the cutest bag ever! LOVE IT!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

your bag reminds me of the marc jacobs stam purse that has been popular for awhile. i absolutely love the color and detail of your bag!!! completely fabulous!

Miss♥Nikka said...

Cute purse and wallet! I love Pink and HK too! I will make a post on whats in my purse soon. :)

Shahana Style said...

I love that bag! I need a big quilted bag with nifty detail like that. Nice video. I'd likely cram way more into something that big though lol High five to you for organization.

Celia said...

where did you get that damn bag?
i want!

haha hella blunt <3

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

I'm so glad you did this. Since I'm new to blogging, I wondered if it was a good idea to do this post. I asked on Twitter & got a lot of replies telling me to do it. Since I don't have a YT channel but I still wanted to do this tag. I might do one soon, then! Thanks! And of course, I LOVE THAT BAG!

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