Glam Morena: Product Rave: The Brush Guard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Product Rave: The Brush Guard.

Today's post is a Product Rave for The Brush Guard.
I first tried these out in a 2-piece sample pack I received in MPPB.

What is The Brush Guard? a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes.

The Brush Guard comes in five different packaging choices.
Best of all, all the packs are only $5.50 and that includes shipping and handling!!

The packs that I received are the variety packs.

Variety Pack Inlcudes:
1 Shadow/Liner (ex. small)
2 Blush (small)
2 Foundation (medium)
1 Powder/Kabuki (large)

Here are The Brush Guards in action using my e.l.f. Studio Line brushes.

These are incredibly handy, especially after washing your makeup brushes.
It allows them to maintain their normal brush shape while drying.
The website also lists other ways you can use the brush guards.

So what do you think? Is this something you want to try?

Click here to visit The Brush Guard website!

Disclaimer: This post contains items sent to me by PR or a Company for review consideration.


RamblingRose26 said...

These brush guards are great :)

I have a tag for you on my blog.
Check it out :)

Eugenia said...

Those sound like a good idea! I always carry a brush in my purse for powder.. kind of unsanitary now that I think about it.. lol. I could use a brush guard!

Miss♥Nikka said...

YAY! Definitely!

I love these! Makes such a difference in the texture and shape of my brushes!

FabDiva20 said...

I've been hearing so much about the Brush Guard. I so need one for next year since I will be traveling to Florida in August. I will need to buy one!

LINEA. said...

ive always wanted to try these since i dont have a brush roll.. and when i travel.. my brushes get all f'd up! lol

~Lisa said...

I heard a lot about this. However, it also makes the drying time much longer.

Mz. More said...

These sound great for travel.

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