Glam Morena: Review: Michael Todd Cosmetics.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Michael Todd Cosmetics.

Today I have a review on some items from Michael Todd Cosmetics.
Michael Todd has more than 200 pages with more than 1,100 cosmetics to choose from.
Michael Todd Cosmetics sent me three items to try out.

The first thing about Michael Todd I noticed is the packaging.
IT'S PURPLE! You don't really see purple packaging on cosmetics.

Michael Todd Creme Glace Lipgloss - Disco
This Michael Todd favorite has the coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss that adds sensual glow and a flawless texture. Our Creme Glace wears beautifully at night and protects during the day with SPF 15.

Price: $17.00

- Nicely scented
- Nonsticky
- Highly pigmented
- Contains SPF 15
- Smooth, creamy texture

- Entirely too frosty for my liking
- Pricey (For those on a budget)

Michael Todd Gel Liner - Necessity
Our Long Wear Gel Formula is one of a kind. It goes on smooth and won't smudge. One use of this Award Winning formula and you'll never go back to the conventional liquid or pencil eye liner. Create your own look whether it's subtle or show-stopping! A Michael Todd must have!

Price: $19.00

- Highly pigmented
- Long lasting
- Nice, creamy formula

- Smudged on my lower lashline
- Pricey (For those on a budget)

Michael Todd Mineral Eyeshadow - Stock Island
Fantastic colors, great staying power and best of all, natural. You'll love our good-for-you eyeshadows.

Price: $17.00

- Paraben free
- Long lasting
- Highly pigmented (dry/wet)
- A very pretty, unique shade

- Pricey (For those on a budget)
- Sifter doesn't really help stop product from falling out

Overall I liked everything, but the shade of the gloss I received.
I'm really interested in trying out their blushes because they look great.

If you want to try their products out, but at lower prices there are websites.
I definitely think this brand is worth checking out and trying out!

Purchase Michael Todd Cosmetics:
U.S. - All Cosmetics Wholesale
U.K. - Love Make Up

Disclaimer: This post contains items sent to me by PR or a Company for review consideration.


antithesis said...

i glanced @ what ACW had to offer from this brand and nothing jumped out at me. they do have it reasonably priced for a curious person to give it a try but im just more into being able to play around in the store with things to see how they'll look on my skin.

~Lisa said...

Would this be available in Canada?

Simple Beauty said...

The Gloss Would Be Perfect To Wear During The Night.

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