Glam Morena: Review: Cliche Cosmetics + International Giveaway!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Cliche Cosmetics + International Giveaway!

I have a review on some Cliche Cosmetics that were sent me.
Cliche Cosmetics offers a variety of eyeshadow, blushes, palettes, and more.

Price: $10.00
This is a Limited Edition of the infamous Primetime.

- Very affordable
- Easily application
- Creamy texture, similar to concealer
- Doesn't crease when used on it's own

- Creases with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Price: $5.00 - Price: $7.00

- Very affordable
- Pigmented highlighter
- Gives a lovely, natural glow

- Powdery and soft texture
- Due to texture it easily breaks
- Magnet wasn't internal in compact

SHADES: Red, Pink, Purple, Beige Breeze, Mocha
Price: $12.00 - Price: $6.50 (each)

- Very affordable
- Palette fits MAC eyeshadows
- Eyeshadows are highly pigmented

- Shimmery eyeshadows are powdery
- Shimmery eyeshadows tend to break easily

Below are some swatches of the highlighter and eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows were all swatched over the Primetime.

I'm loving Cliche Cosmetics, definitely a brand worth trying!
I do think that certain packaging could be a little bit better though.

Cliche Cosmetics has offered to give away 5 Dark Primetime!
1. Must be a follower of Glam Morena.
2. Giveaway is opened Internationally.
3. Leave a comment below telling me what current eye primer you use (or don't use) and why you would like to try Primetime. Be sure to provide a valid e-mail in your comment.

1. Create a post on your blog or on your blog's sidebar the Cliche Cosmetics Giveaway. Include as much information as possible and a link to this post. Leave a separate comment with the URL to your post or blog.
2. Tweet about this giveaway. Use: "@MorenaBarbee is hosting a Cliche Cosmetics Giveaway! Opened Internationally! 5 WINNERS! - Go here to enter:" Leave a separate comment with your Twitter username or link of the tweet.

DEADLINE: July 6th @ 11:59pm CST
5 Winners will be chosen with and contacted.
Winners will have approximately 24 hours to respond to e-mail.


Disclaimer: Cliche Cosmetics sponsored the products mentioned in this post & giveaway.


antithesis said...

my favorite primer is too faced shadow insurance + mac paintpot in groundwork

Anonymous said...

i use mac's painpots currently -i want to try cliche primetime because its on my wishlist on my blog currently and its good to try different products to see what
works !!

Ria said...

I don't use any primers and I'd like to win because it sounds like it works well!


Anonymous said...

oh forgot my email : makeupmyaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com

Tamara said...

I currently use UDPP and Etude House Proof 10, but I'd like to try something new, becuase I'm always up for the new things!

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

I been tying an old dried out revlon concealer. It's not working since my shadows look chalky.

The palette looks great Imay have to check them out. I'm joining!


Miss♥Nikka said...

I would like to enter. The primer Im currently using is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I would like to try Primetime bacause it is a cheaper than TFSI. I also lvoe trying out new things. I havent heard of this brand and would like to try them out.


Sofia said...

gorgeous cosmetics...

Eve said...

I dont use a primer right now, but I would like to try this primer because my shadows do crease.

Eve said...


Eve said...

You are on my sidebar, your giveaway, that is:)

Eve said...

I actually dont use a primer and i would like to start using but i dont know which one is good.. if giving the chance i would like to try this primer out.. Im just starting to use and buy makeup so im new to this :)

keep up the great work.. i follow u on twitter and i retweeted you prize website :)

KRIS said...

I currently use UDPP and I still have some creasing,I'm looking to try something new and more affordable.

Jasmine1485 said...

The only primer I've ever used was a Napoleon Perdis one, when I had a complimentary makeover. However, I don't use one usually, my budget just doesn't allow for makeup luxuries :( I've heard it makes a big difference to application, presentation and how long the makeup lasts for though, I'm definitely up for that!

Kate1485 at

ndoodles said...

Currently I am using UDPP as a primer for eyeshadow and it is amazing! However, due to the weird packaging and such, it is quite expensive... so maybe this primer will be cheaper and provides the same result.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i am currently using too faced shadow insurance

Niika said...

i currently don't use any primer for my eyeshadow =[ . i would like to try primetime because i love how the colours 'pop' with the primer in ur swatch.


Niika said...

blogged :

Niika said...


aisyah De Cullen said...

Hi, just followed your blog today! =)
I don't use any primer atm..=[
Would like to try Urban Decay Primer Potion since there are so many good reviews on them. Or even cheap ones like NYX and ELF.
I'd like to try Cliche dark eye primer because this looks promising =)) My skin is dark and I have done lots of mistake on buying products that makes me look too bright for my own good.haha..

Hav BwB said...

I use Too Faced Shadow insurance and I would like to try Primetime because I'm always up for trying new products.


Hav BwB said...


Anonymous said...

Anna said...

i use the artdeco primer. its a german brand ;)i want to try cliche primetime because, i like to try out new products.


Anna said...

here the tweetlink:


lindah said...

I useD UDPP, but then it started to suddenly kinda crease. Then I started (and currently finishing) Smashbox Photofinish Lid primer but it takes too much effort to blend out so I'm not repurchasing, also it slightly still creases. I've recently given away a TFSI because my first tube of it went bad at the end of the year and it separates so that was a no-no, this one too slightly creased on me. NOW, I just got me a sample of the NARS primer and it works well. Slightly creases but the shadows goes on super vibrant and it lasts until morning! Oh, and I'm alternating between my MAC Painterly paint pot! :D I've heard good things about this primer so maybe it might be the primer that doesn't crease for me! LOL.. I think I have a creasing problem -_-"

I've passed so many times on this eyeshadow everytime I swatched it at sephora. It just looks so ordinary next to all their other bright colors and everytime I swatch it in-store, it was always hard to swatch because of other people's fingers that's been in there! So I was like F*CK IT! I'm buying it and I really couldn't stop using it the first week :D I guess on my skintone and with my brown-black eyes, it looks good so maybe that's why too! haha, you should buy it, try it, then if you don't like it, return it! :) I think it's worth a try, if you like purples that is.

I actually own #6 and it stays on really well but I'm not loving them right now. Since it's liquid/cream consistency it kinda moves my liquid foundation around and I still need coverage on my left cheek from a few scars. But I know one day they're gonna be gone and then I'm gonna love them :D I have this goal, getting all the HD blush! hahaha, I think I'm becoming a collector more than a wear-er >_< BUT, I think it's worth checking out though since your skin looks even! You'll like it more than me :)

Sorry, this comment is more like a post LOL.. At least I didn't spam the cbox! :D

Sarah@Glossicious ♥ said...

i am a follower of Glam Morena.

t current eye primer i use is Benefit creaseless cream shadoe/liner is recess and ELF (eyeslipsface) studio liner eye primer as well. I want to try primetime because i am in search for the perfect eye-primer in this scrooching hot summer and perhaps it could be the one? who knows my eyes will find their match
my emai:

Sarah@Glossicious ♥ said...

the Cliche Cosmetics Giveaway is my blog's sidebar


Sarah@Glossicious ♥ said...

2. Tweeted about this giveaway.
User name:

and tweet link

Sadi said...

I m ur follower Sadi.

currently i m using ELF primer but i m not satisfied with it. so i wanna try this one. hope it helps me

Silverstargirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silverstargirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Hussain (Innocent122) said...

I m ur new follower Sarah hussain

currently i m using Etude proof 10 eyeshadow primer. now i wanna try Prime time.

Sarah Hussain (Innocent122) said...

I m ur follower on twitter as Innocent122

I tweet abt ur giveaway:

Mama Laura said...

I currently use UDPP and have for quite a while, because it's the best thing I've tried so far.

I'd like to try the Primetime Dark because I don't have any dark primers and I think that having one would be beneficial for certain looks.


Mama Laura said...

I retweeted your own tweet about the giveaway. Hopefully that counts. My twitter is _mamalaura

Tatjana said...

Ok I have a Too Faced primer that I have not used yet, maybe I will try it ou this weekend.

This makeup seems to be just the right colors im looking for and they are affordable.

Kat said...

The ES primer i use is my trusty Mary Kay concealer. I broke out from UDPP, unfortunately...but I'd like to try it again and see if I'm still allergic

katch05 at gmail dot com

edk.dolce said...

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Shaimaa said...

Hi ,

I am a follower shaimaa

I used L A Splash Proof sealer (Eyeshadow sealer/Base ) its good , I would love to try Primetime cause it show the colour so clear

Shaimaa said...

Tweet about this giveaway@shaimapassion

ginnn7 said...

I don't use primers, but would love to try this with smokey eyes. thanks

i follow gfc ginnn7


Courtney!;* said...

those swatches are so pigmented! i love the purple & mocha ones.

i currently use Loreal`s decrease. i need to find a new primer because i`m running out.

shea' said...

I use Urban Decay Primer Potion & i just ran out! i need something new. Everything I try out I feature it on my blog I will make a post & shout-out the brand and your blog if I win.

xoxo Shea :)

BeeCute said...

Main; I am a follower and do not currently use an eye primer. I really would love to try this one! I need to use an eye primer because I have a hard time keeping my color on and it creases a lot!

BeeCute said...


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