Glam Morena: Forever 21 Haul: Fashion Finds Under $11.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Forever 21 Haul: Fashion Finds Under $11.

Happy Sunday! I have a haul of some items I ordered off of Forever 21.

I've been missing in action because my laptop no longer wants to work.
When my laptop adpater finally arrived, the laptop decided not to start up.
I'll probably have to purchase a new one, but I'll see if it's fixable first.

List Of Items Featured In The Video:
Beachy Keen Chandelier Earrings - PRICE: $5.80
Remarkable Lacquer Earrings - PRICE: $4.80
Diva Connector Ring - PRICE: $3.80
Polka Dot Knit Skirt - PRICE: $7.80
Estelle Studded Dress - PRICE: $10.99
Cadet Zip Cardigan - PRICE: $11.99

Please leave me a comment or message me on YouTube.

My Top 10 Blushes video coming next!


DaedaeLfashion said...

Cool stuff!


lipton|TEE said...

OMG... I just ordered the same exact sweater today. Great minds think a like. I love the whole military trend going on right now. I hope mines doesn't come with a button missing. Can't you return it or exchange it?

Chels said...

Aww your accent's cute. I like that skirt!

AzZy AzZ said...

Nice vid i rewally liked the skirt=]

I love seeing hauls so keep doing those vids

Im thinking of making a haul vid because i have A LOT of stuff ive gotten since i neglected my blogg=[ but im shy lol so i might try that to cause then my blog would be a massive picture over load=|

Loved ur hat to;) very cutte

Celly said...

great haul! love your look and makeup in the vid,rai-rai-gurl.

Miss♥Nikka said...

Great finds! I love everything. I also like your Fedora hat youre wearing in your video! :]

Miss Nikka

Karen said...

You get such amazing deals Rai - I love it!
Ahhhh I bought that same cardigan full price (I think $30 CDN) back in December I believe. The polka dot skirt is cute :)
I love how you started doing youtube videos. Would love to see tutorials on your eye makeup looks since your FOTD are always gorgeous.

Lizzard said...

amazing earrings! i'm going tomorrow lol!

Pop Champagne said...

cute haul! Forever 21 always have the best stuff :D

Gaby said...

Aw how I love your videos, Rai!

The polka dot skirt is just too cute!

You've got such great bargains =D

lipstick cherry said...

hey hun!
i'm having a blogsale on my blog so please feel free to check it out!! =)

Mylinda said...

hey beauty i just gave you a sweet blog award. check my blog out to see it.

Taj Acosta said...

Hi doll, just found your blog and loving it! xoxo

FabDiva20 said...

Hey Rai! I have a blog award for you!

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