Glam Morena: Laser Vs. Non Laser Skin Treatments.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Laser Vs. Non Laser Skin Treatments.

Are Lasers the Best Fixes for Skin Problems?

When it comes to skin problems, we all tend to develop them with age, and none of us really want to deal with them. That's why, if you have some sort of skin issue, you might be tempted to try the first quick fix you can find. Lasers are certainly near the top of the list as far as go-to skincare procedures are concerned, but are they always the best answer? Well, that all depends on the exact question.

Are Lasers a Good Substitute for a Daily Skincare Routine?
The short answer is no. There are no good substitutes for a daily skincare routine. It might help to think of your skin as if it is a pet, and think of laser treatment as taking that pet to a vet. The less you care for it now, the more “vet” trips you will need to take later. That's why you should establish a daily routine that keeps your skin as strong and healthy as possible.

Of course, there's only so much that great daily skincare can do. Even if you moisturize, exfoliate, and always wear sunscreen, blemishes and wrinkles may eventually develop. So, there may come a time when laser aesthetic equipment could come in handy. But other skincare methods shouldn't be ignored.

Are Lasers Better Than Chemical Peels?
One such other skincare method is a chemical peel. That's a process by which chemicals are used to remove dead skin cells and other debris from the top layers of skin. But is it better or worse than a laser treatment? Well, in what way?

Laser peels are typically less uncomfortable than chemical peels. They're also less invasive. Your skin will generally recover faster from a laser peel than it would from a chemical peel. So, in that sense they are better. However, in the sense of immediate, long-lasting results they are a bit worse. You might need several laser treatments to do the job of one chemical peel, in fact.

Any sort of peel-like skincare procedure, including microdermabrasion, does come with some risks. So, there really is no good or bad answer. It all depends on how many risks and how much recovery time you want to deal with versus how fast you want to see results and how drastic you want those results to be.

Can Lasers Treat Problems Below the Surface?
Another common question people ask about laser procedures is do they all impact the surface of the skin? The answer is no. Many lasers actually treat problems below the surface that you can't see. Some of them even do so without damaging or altering the top layer of skin at all. They are called non-ablative laser treatments, and they are no less important or effective than ablative procedures. They just heal the skin in a different way. Namely, they trigger chemical responses in the body that cause it to make more collagen, which binds the skin cells together, creating a tighter, more smooth appearance.

Remember that, much like the various types of peels, there are various skincare procedures that treat skin cells you can't see too, not just lasers. Sound wave therapies are among the most popular. They are no better or worse than non-ablative laser treatments, but you might be a better candidate for one than for another. It all depends on the nature of your skin problems and what your skincare clinician recommends based on your skin type.

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